Fireplace demolition

  • The bohemoth fireplace in between the kitchen and living room
  • On a call in my office...
  • Welp, here we go! 10 comments
  • Sunday Fun Day 2 comments
  • Removin these bricks
  • Makin a mess
  • Jeff joined in on the fun
  • Brick: down. Next: the walls and fire box come out.
  • Anyone want some brick?
  • Doin safe things at the house today 1 comment
  • Danger selfie
  • Sorta feels like I'm at the end of a level on contra... 3 comments
  • Unhookin pipes
  • Hittin it with a hammer
  • Fireplace: gone
  • New view

Taking out the 25 square foot fireplace in the middle of the great room

Photos taken from December, 2015 to January, 2016 in Des Moines, Iowa

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