First Blackhawks Game

  • "Welcome back!" - Eric
  • First Blackhawks game
  • Hockey time
  • Kari got us Blackhawks tickets for Christmas 4 comments
  • Projecting on the ice
  • Watchin the Blackhawks
  • Some rad visualizations
  • When all was said and done, we could've used one more...
  • Chicago Dogs
  • Ice shovelin flying V
  • Some commotion at the crease
  • Crease stuff
  • Blackhawks vs Wild
  • We had some pretty rad seats
  • Bar Deville
  • Some mascots
  • JC Rivera Mural in West Fulton Market
  • Walkin up Damen
  • Post game pizzas
  • More JC Rivera on Damen

Kari got me tickets to a Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild game for Christmas. The top 2 teams in the division. Chicago lost 2-3. It was super awesome.

Photos taken in January, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois

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