First Outdoor Brew

  • Heatin up the water
  • Full Boil!
  • Stirrin the pot
  • You've gotta drink beer to make beer.
  • Chillin the wort
  • Friends outside
  • Brown Sugar
  • Starting Batch 2
  • Brewing outside is awesome
  • Warmin up
  • Honey
  • German helping out
  • Adding Malt
  • Not a bad way to spend a day
  • Chillin the second batch
  • Measuring The Gravity
  • So much easier than pouring...
  • Dumping the rest of the brew into the carboy

We finally got all the parts ready to do our first full boil batch of homebrew outside. It was awesome, and lots of people stopped by to hang out n help out.

Photos taken in November, 2009 in Ankeny, Iowa

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