Fondue and NYE for two

  • Cheers to this lady. Starting out with some cheese fondue
  • Sourdough and Swiss. Oh yes.
  • Kari asked me for a selfie
  • The iPhone 11 pro front camera is not very pro in low light
  • This lady is gettin ready to turn up
  • NYE with Kari's parents
  • Up Yours, Reynolds 1 comment
  • On to the main course. Surf n Turf.
  • Surfs n Turfs.
  • Cookin stuff in broth
  • "scrimps"
  • Proud woman
  • Proper response to a joke about a woman unloading a dishwasher
  • Party time
  • We're really partyin now!
  • Gettin that look
  • Shit talkin with Craig and Tia
  • Poppin bottles
  • Happy New Year
  • NYE party for two
  • Preppin dessert
  • Not sure about that marshmallow
  • Chocolate fondue
  • Look at these dirty ass shoes, haha
  • At least the house will be clean after this party
  • On to Twenty Twenty One

Photos taken from December, 2020 to January, 2021 in Bloomfield Township and Des Moines, Iowa

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