Glenwood Landscaping

  • The North West side of the back yard. Excuse the terrible panorama attempt.
  • Looking northwest from the deck.
  • Looking southwest from the deck
  • New fence goin up
  • Got the fence goin UP... on a Thursday.
  • Never thought about using rock climbing gear for climbing/trimming trees
  • Bout to get this lil baby pin oak tree cleaned up
  • Now that you can actually see the front of our house, I'm more inclined to actually make it look ...
  • Edged all the way to the shed
  • Edging and mulch goes a long way
  • Replaced the railroad ties with anstone wall. This will be a garden next year.
  • Path toward the patio and deck
  • Path to the shed
  • Boulder walls on the back hill
  • Edging and mulch around the white pine
  • A dry stream and steps off to the side yard

Photos taken from October, 2015 to October, 2017 in United States

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