Grainfather X2

  • You've gotta drink beer while you make beer
  • Teresa trying out Kari's reading lawn chair
  • Teresa approved
  • Gettin the apps set up
  • Gettin that recipe set up
  • Grain in
  • Alright, here goes my inaugural brew on the 220v Grainfather
  • Havin a pint of homebrew
  • Grainfathers!
  • Sparge time
  • Spargin
  • Spargin
  • Lifting that grain basket
  • Chillin n spargin
  • Chilling batch one
  • Garage dogs
  • Chillin the wort
  • Time for yeast
  • BBQ on the deck

I decided to replace my giant, propane all-grain homebrewing setup with the new 220v Grainfather. Kari's dad brought his Grainfather down and we made our first, dual Grainfather batches of homebrew.

Photos taken in September, 2020 in Des Moines, Iowa

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