Grainfather's Day Brewing

  • Opening up the grain that Jeff brought back from Wyoming
  • Milling the grain
  • Milling!
  • Getting bluetooth connected
  • Watching a couple how-to videos
  • Waiting for the temp to come up. It is not fast with the grainfather.
  • Washin out that carboy
  • Grain in
  • Vorlauf
  • Raising the sparge basket
  • Checking the technology
  • Spargin
  • It's always a good idea to enjoy some beer while brewing some beer... and take a selfie
  • Father's Day Brew selfies
  • Boil starts. Hops in.
  • Hoppy is Happy
  • Chillin that wort
  • The Grainfather counterflow chiller is fancy
  • Racking
  • Taking gravity
  • Pitching the yeast

Photos taken in June, 2019 in Nevada Township, Iowa

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