Harper Visit

  • Running through McWethy during construction
  • The rafters in McWethy
  • McWethy Construction
  • Tom and I in McWethy
  • Trying to start the bobcat
  • Harper at Chameleon's
  • Dancing on the bar @ Chameleon's
  • Harper and friends @ Randal's
  • Harper, Michelle Mouton, Cole Pierce, and friends
  • Leah and I at Randal's
  • Harper and Kinnera @ Randal's
  • Amber, Leah, Leah, and I
  • Harper and I at Joe's
  • Erika, Rachel, Cole, Harper, and Kinnera @ Joe's
  • Joe and I
  • Lindsey McBride and I
  • Harper and Tom
  • Harper putting on his belt
  • Tom climbing a tree
  • Tom climbing the Theta House
  • Tom in an outhouse
  • Tom surfing the outhouse
  • The pinwheel in the circle
  • Tom and the pinwheel

Harper came back to visit Cornell. Tom and I did some exploring. We all acted like idiots.

Photos taken in April, 2002 in Mount Vernon, Iowa

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