Holiday Party 2017

  • Germ's cardigan from last year awaits on the shitty new coat rack.
  • Havin a homebrew before everyone arrives
  • Cookin up a storm
  • Lindsey arrives!
  • Hangin on the deck
  • Friends hangin in the dining room
  • Red n Rik
  • Somehow it has become tradition to have Malört at this party.
  • We got a malört first-timer
  • The selfie booth
  • Garth hates parties
  • Foos time
  • Coat rack works
  • Jim was like a Christmas superman. 1 second he was wearing nice clothes, the next he was in this.
  • 1 more taste of Malört
  • Our holiday dinner party is really turning into a good time. 1 comment
  • Girlfriends
  • "We should have a bonfire!"

Photos taken in December, 2017 in Des Moines, Iowa

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