Home Theater

  • The screen frame laid on it's side
  • I used a Kreg pocket hole kit to ensure strong joints in the poplar frame
  • The corner of the frame.  You can see the pocket hole joining along with the quarter round along ...
  • The frame laid down on the screen material
  • The screen material stapled to the frame
  • The finished 100
  • The top and bottom are perfectly taught, but I got some slight ripples on the sides.  I'm going t... 1 comment
  • The unfinished Home Theater.  The first thing I need is a component rack... 2 comments
  • I also need a lot more seating
  • Rear speaker mount
  • NEC LT180 Projector 2 comments
  • Projector, and homemade video cables (which will be wrapped soon.
  • Animatrix
  • Animatrix
  • Components: Before
  • Components: Before
  • Custom Entertainment Center From Smithson Woodworks
  • Custom Component Rack From Smithson Woodworks 1 comment
  • New Entertainment Center From Smithson Woodworks
  • Components
  • Nintendos!

Here are some photos of my basement home theater project

Photos taken in Ankeny, Iowa

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