Jason's Eclipse GSX

  • Passenger side
  • Front and driver's side 3 comments
  • Driver's side
  • Crunched front 1 comment
  • Rear driver's side
  • Front
  • Interior 3 comments
  • Top
  • Parts of Jason's flesh and hair in the sun roof
  • Blood on the headliner
  • Blood on the back window 3 comments
  • Blood on the interior 3 comments
  • Blood from the outside
  • Bloody glass 13 comments
  • Jason's wrecked Eclipse GSX
  • Jason's head 1 day after the wreck - you can see his ear stitched back together 2 comments

My friend Jason Morris wrecked his Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. The car rolled over and he didn't have his seatbelt on. His head went through the sunroof and slid across the ground with the car upside-down. He lived, but barely. You can see lots of blood in some of the photos. Wear your seatbelt.

Photos taken in East Moline, Illinois

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