Julien's Post Holiday Holiday Party

  • Petra and Libby makin nog and wienies
  • Julien making some French King Cake
  • Julien put me in charge of decorating one of the kings cakes
  • The G-rated King's cake
  • Makin king's cakes
  • Cuttin out the crown for the winner of the King's cakes
  • Lauri makin some snacks
  • Tryin out the crown
  • Holiday party stuff
  • A game of flippy cup?
  • Holiday partyin
  • Havin a jolly ol time
  • Tyler the gnome
  • Check me out
  • Snowman time
  • A cute little snowman...
  • What kind of snowman is this?
  • Slender snowman
  • Snow angel time!
  • Having fun in the snow
  • Artist
  • Julien finds the king
  • The king is crowned
  • The king of France
  • Cards against humanity
  • Havin a good time. Snackin on some snacks

Photos taken in January, 2019 in Des Moines, Iowa

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