Jurisic Visit

  • Zay packin up after he got kicked out of Cornell 2 comments
  • Josh trying to skate in my dorm
  • Playing with my turntables
  • Josh ruining my records
  • Kinnera playing with my records
  • Kinnera and Tom
  • Hanging out in my room
  • Kinnera and I
  • Josh trying out a lightning round at the Delt house, haha
  • Leahs
  • Kinnera and Tom at the Delt house
  • Me and Little Leah
  • Damon skating at the Delt House
  • Damon skating at the Delt House
  • About to pop a shove-it
  • Jamie and I at the Delt House
  • Josh and Jolene
  • Shuffle
  • Tom hanging out
  • Josh and Boone
  • Dancing on the futon... 3 comments
  • Singing like there's no tomorrow
  • Tara and I
  • Josh and I

Photos taken in April, 2002 in Mount Vernon, Iowa

Album added 17 years ago (Apr 27, 2002).