Kari's 26th Birthday

  • About to return the truck that Jeff let me borrow
  • HAPPY about heading to Cedar Rapids
  • At Daniel Arthur's in Cedar Rapids
  • Apartments from the top of the 2nd and court parking garage
  • Des Moines Capitol and Moon 1 comment
  • At Sage
  • Kalini hates Cedric
  • Getting Kari's shirt made at Smash
  • Screenprinting at Smash
  • The Travel RS shirt I had made for Kari
  • At Taki
  • Shrimp Head
  • karis-26th-birthday-11002 1 comment
  • Tim hooking us up with Hennessey
  • Mochi Heads!
  • At Taki
  • Who's a white puppy dog??? 1 comment
  • Outside Red Monk
  • Outside Red Monk
  • Jeff and Iulia
  • Outside Red Monk 2 comments

Photos taken in Des Moines, Urbandale, Ankeny, Cedar Rapids, and Clive, Iowa

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