Left Lane Tattoo

  • Anna Frederick working on some custom lettering for me
  • Left Lane
  • Cause I like to go fast. Lettering by Anna Frederick. Tattoo by Joshua Bowers. Poor photo by me. 3 comments
  • Fresh left lane tattoo
  • Synthetic scabs. The best way to heal a tattoo.
  • New tattoos all healed up.

For almost as long as I've been getting tattoos, I wanted something to represent me always doing everything fast... eating, driving, drinking, thinking, whatever. I eventually came to just getting the words "Left Lane" since that's where you're supposed to go fast. When Anna Frederick (local lettering nerd) partnered up with the guys at Iron Heart tattoo, I jumped at the opportunity to get some custom lettering done. Anna and I chatted through and iterated on the design, she came up with something we both liked, and Joshua Bowers tattooed me. I love it.

Photos taken in January, 2017 in Des Moines, Iowa

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