Lil garden shed

  • Gettin a garden shed
  • Shed spot
  • New shed day
  • Shed almost done
  • Look at that shed
  • Got a lil baby shed
  • Awkward boy likes the new shed
  • Building a little ramp for the shed
  • Painted with shutters
  • Painted with some cedar shutters and a ramp

In our last house, I built a garden/storage shed that was maybe a bit of overkill. In this house, we just needed something small for lawn tools since we have a lot more storage space... so I just hired Gold Dome Buildings to build a lil baby garden shed for us. I then had it painted to match the house and later built a cedar ramp and shutters out of leftover wood from the deck.

Photos taken from March to November, 2017 in Des Moines, Iowa

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