Living Room Remodel

  • The living room, with fantastic bi-fold doors into a desk area.
  • Facing the kitchen from the living room with a gigantic (soon to be demolished) fireplace in betw...
  • Pulling wallpaper 1 comment
  • Look who stopped by!
  • Carpet's out
  • There's always surprises behind walls
  • When your drywall dudes don't know what wires do, just start cutting em off, and half your living... 5 comments
  • Living room bein covered up
  • Hangin trim
  • Hangin trim
  • Hangin trim
  • It's happening
  • It's goin down
  • Furniture movin in
  • Do I put a TV on that wall or nah? 19 comments
  • Finally pulled this outta storage... Kari didn't waste anytime loadin it up even though we have t...
  • Got a new piece of art 2 comments
  • The state of the living room for Christmas
  • Just installed this ceiling lamp. How does the height look? 10 comments
  • New chair day! 11 comments
  • Morning living room light

Photos of our living room remodeling project.

Photos taken from October, 2015 to April, 2017 in Des Moines, Iowa

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