Maiden Voyage at Lake Red Rock

  • Chilling in the water
  • Trying to love each other
  • Stump
  • A walk along the shore
  • One more of the Jeep
  • A little more water for the good boy
  • Busting me taking pics of my Jeep
  • Heading in to Pella for some goodies
  • Bloody Mary Babe
  • Pickled fixins
  • Bloody time
  • A bloody selfie
  • Makin some dutch oven nachos
  • Added some more shade
  • Tired boy
  • Cookin
  • Checkin on the good boy
  • Camp food
  • A bit of rain
  • Kari made a ridiculously good brekkie

Kari and I did a solo camping trip fairly close to home to test out the new camper, gear and make sure we had everything we needed.

Photos taken in June, 2021 in Lake Prairie Township, Summit Township, Allen Township, and Bloomfield Township, Iowa

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