Made it to the lake

Made it to the lake

Made it to the lake (full size)


in Maine

This photo was taken in Lincoln County, Maine with a LG Nexus 5.

It's also on Flickr and Facebook.

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  • Lobster ale? That doesn't sound appealing to me. How is it?

    Jeff Ballard posted

  • Pretty decent. A dry, spicy red ale.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Great pic

    Ryan Jaunzemis posted

  • Looking at this makes me wish it was summer down under 😭

    Greg Crellin posted

  • I'm so envious of everything in these pics! Like there should be an "envy" button next to the "like" thumb.

    Tony Broussard posted

  • that looks like a great time Teresa Renaud Reynolds

    Debbie Bussey posted

  • Looks like you had a great time!!!

    Brenda Hallstrom posted

  • Happy,

    Carlos E Pulido posted

  • Awesome pics! Now go ride a moose to round out your trip.

    Ray Terhune posted

  • Looks like fantastic fun

    Carol Main Trease posted

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