Master Bathroom Remodel

  • The master bathroom (before)
  • The master closet will be reconfigured a bit with stackable laundry units. 1 comment
  • Gettin closer... 3 comments
  • This shower sucked to remove
  • Brainstorming the new master bathroom
  • Expanding the master bathroom into the entryway a bit.
  • Runnin these new pipes
  • Plumbing. Physics. Real engineering.
  • Piped up
  • Tuesday night stuff
  • A million thanks to Jeff and all his help on this project.
  • This is gonna be a sweet shower.
  • Finally finished framing our shower
  • I either just missed the wet bandits or another "don't give a fuck" construction crew.
  • Ceiling broox 6 comments
  • Today's lunch: dissecting Kari's new vanity drawer via table saw.
  • Heated floors goin in
  • This feels real nice
  • GAME CHANGER: we have a toilet on the main floor 7 comments
  • Soon, we shower upstairs.
  • Game changer. No more laundromat
  • Hangin stuff 1 comment
  • Tried to cut my first mirror. Messed up. Drinking beer now. 3 comments
  • Kari's vanity
  • Just finished up this custom light for Kari's sit-down vanity (bulbs are temporary) 1 comment
  • We crammed a lot of stuff into this bathroom. As such, we tried to squeeze storage into as many p...
  • Shower shelf
  • Shower stuff 3 comments
  • Shower heads
  • The shower entry 1 comment
  • The main vanity and entry to the master closet
  • The sitting room. Ready for a washlet.
  • Kari's vanity
  • Walking into the master bathroom
  • Having laundry in your closet is magical 2 comments
  • Kari's side of the closet
  • Derek's side of the closet. Plz don't judge. 5 comments
  • The changes we made to the floor plan to get a larger master bathroom

Some photos of expanding, modernizing, and making our master bathroom more accommodating, and "spa like"

More info in this blog: Our Master Bathroom Remodel

Photos taken from October, 2015 to February, 2017 in Des Moines and Ankeny, Iowa

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