Home for a few days...

Home for a few days...

Home for a few days... (full size)

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  • That does not suck

    Nick Leeper posted

  • My sympathies.

    Dave Boyd posted

  • Wow! Sweet! Looks just like the pics! Have a great time!

    Craig Brooks posted

  • where is this?

    Tony Kukla posted

  • Banyan Tree Mayakoba - North Playa del Carmen, Mexico

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Very cool

    Tony Kukla posted

  • broox is just showin' off now -- cuda sed around the corner from Starbucks on 17th St., but oh no, not broox!!

    Dave Boyd posted

  • Wow!!! Beautiful, have a great time 🌴❤️👍

    Rhonda Schmidt posted

  • Looks amazing!

    Allie Peters posted

  • Perfect!

    Nicole Sutherland posted

  • Absolutely beautiful Mindy Hoskin

    Nikki Hoskin posted

  • Pretty ladies!

    Janet Garrard posted

  • You are living right😀

    Christy Jacobsen posted

  • Derek! I was wondering how anyone was going to be able to show how much freaking FUN was had this weekend, but holy smokes, you've done it. These are great!!

    Ashlee Davis posted

  • Pretty like your Momma Kim :)

    Cheryl Johnson-Dillingham White posted

  • What a magical dream! Thanks for sharing and best wishes to you both☺️

    Becky Carey posted

  • Wow! You guys look good, and all the fun you're having! Great pics.

    Michelle Winkler posted

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