Memorial Day Brew

  • Lunch n stuff
  • Gettin setup
  • Trying to get this wild animal to hang out and relax
  • Grain in
  • It's time for the circulator
  • Mashin
  • Sparge time
  • Had a little explosion
  • Figuring out how to fish out the support for the grain container
  • It's always an adventure
  • This dog has to dig in everything
  • Sparge time
  • Gettin those hop juices out
  • Hops
  • Chillin
  • Movin to the fermenter
  • "don't watch this"
  • Pitchin that yeast
  • Black saison on the way to the fermenter
  • Pitchin that yeast
  • Mine primary fermentation went a little wild...
  • The consistency of the stuff that boiled over was like pudding. it was so weird.

Photos taken from May to June, 2021 in Bloomfield Township and Des Moines, Iowa

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