Metallica at the Iowa Speedway

  • Metallica bound
  • VIP tix
  • Jeff snapped a photo as I accidentally led us across the stage, haha
  • Some dudes
  • Doin important phone business backstage 2 comments
  • Harper, hangin backstage
  • Chattin with Ashton Kutcher
  • Getting a beer backstage
  • Metallica VIP room
  • At the speedway
  • Bout to see Metallica 1 comment
  • Ashton pushes the Native Fund
  • Track chattin
  • Hammett 1 comment
  • Sunset Metallica panorama by Google Photos (and Harper)
  • Track seats
  • Taiko drummin
  • Hetfield
  • Metallica at the speedway
  • Metallica at the speedway
  • Pause for pizza

Years ago, Metallica's manager Cliff Burnstein, told me, "next time Metallica's in town, let me know and I'll hook you up with VIP tickets." Ashton Kutcher brought them to Iowa for his Native Fund benefit show, I hit Cliff up, he gave me 4 VIP tickets... I of course invited Harper and also took Kari and her dad. It was super random and pretty awesome.

Photos taken in June, 2017 in Newton Municipal Airport, Newton, and Des Moines, Iowa

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