Mothers Day in Amana

  • An old switchboard
  • Millstream Brewing Co.
  • The Brew Shop at Millstream
  • The Bottling Station at Millstream
  • Sampler of Millstream Maibock.
  • Empty Sampler
  • Millstream Tappers
  • Millstream Awards
  • Serve an Ace!
  • Havin a Beer at Millstream
  • Hopfen Und Malz
  • Hop Vines growing at Millstream
  • Blue Door.  I wish I would've had time (and a tripod) to set up an HDR shot here.
  • Ox Yoke Inn
  • I got mom an ipod shuffle. 2 comments
  • Mmmm, German Food. 1 comment
  • Outside Ox  Yoke
  • It was my mom's idea...

More info in this blog: Econonic Stimulus and Mothers Day 08

Photos taken in Amana, Iowa

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