MV Camping

  • Set up in the Palisades
  • Picking up important supplies for guests
  • Picking up important supplies for guests
  • Hangin with Lindsey!
  • Some thetas
  • Hangin around the fire
  • Fireside at the Pal
  • Learning why they call it whiffle ball
  • Brats, kraut, german potato salad
  • searin up the brats
  • Dinner time
  • Diggin in
  • Breakfast sandwiches
  • Brekkie
  • Hikin at the Pal
  • Palisades hiking
  • kbroox
  • Hikin
  • I love this woman
  • Me and Kari
  • Breaking laws for benny
  • Palisades Driftwood
  • The Pal
  • Prepping a throwback photo. Very important
  • Pretending like it's 2007
  • Lunch. Leftovers
  • Been goin to this park for 20 years together

On the way home from the Quad Cities, Kari and I decided to spend a night camping at the Palisades and hanging with Lindsey in Mount Vernon.

Photos taken in September, 2021 in Mount Vernon and Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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