Myrtle Beach

  • Driving through the mountains
  • Driving through the mountains
  • Some cranes for ships
  • The ocean
  • Looking down the beach from our room
  • Looking up the beach from our room
  • The beach
  • A big ol pier
  • Looking down the beach from the pier
  • Dad
  • She's laughing so hard that she's peeing
  • She's laughing so hard that she's peeing
  • A pigeon that came to visit
  • Trying to get close to the pigeon
  • I still have those underwear... but the elastic isn't quite the same. 2 comments
  • Food Lion.  I thought it was funny 2 comments
  • Some houses
  • Some houses
  • I thought it was a nova from far away.
  • Haha.
  • Your Place - hole in the wall with awesome burgers
  • Eels
  • Fish
  • Sharks
  • Sharks
  • Sharks
  • Iguana
  • Dance!
  • Derek

This was one of our family's lower budget vacations. The most memorable parts to me are:
-this delicious brick oven pizza we had one night
-searching for shark teeth on the beach
-my parents getting super mad at us one night and leaving us in the hotel while they went to eat.
-trying to get my mom's attention from our balcony while she was down on the beach below. she must have been 200 feet out, plus we were on the 7th floor, and there was all kinds of noise from the ocean. So needless to say she couldn't hear our yelling. So my last resort was to throw something at her... The closest thing was a crayon. I somehow hit her right on the top of the head. It was the most incredible thing ever, haha.

Photos taken in Myrtle Beach and Charleston, South Carolina

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