Nerf N-Strike Maverick Mods

  • This is how far the revolver folds out normally
  • Nerf Maverick Revolver 3 comments
  • Revolver Guts 2 comments
  • That square blue tab  also has to go
  • That little semi-circle tab has to go 2 comments
  • Revolver with tab removed 1 comment
  • Blue Tab removed
  • I found this old battery terminal, which is about 4 oz - perfect amount of weight for my handle.
  • Perfect fit in the handle - minus the bolt. 3 comments
  • The polished bettery terminal, hot glued into my handle. 4 comments
  • Almost forgot - always, always listen to gangsta rap when modding guns
  • Much much better. 6 comments

Here are some photos of the mods I did to my Nerf Maverick Revolver. The first problem was that the revolver only folded out far enough to replace 2 darts... I wanted it to fold all the way out so I could load all the darts at once, plus it's cooler to spin the barrel this way. I also wanted more weight in the handle so that I could spin the gun on my finger easily, haha.

Photos taken in November, 2006 in Ankeny, Iowa

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