Much much better.

Much much better.

Much much better. (full size)

This photo was taken in Ankeny, Iowa with a Canon PowerShot SD550.

It's also on Flickr.

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  • Oh shit, thats gansta! lol

    sam posted

  • im thinking of doing this barrel mod, are you sure you're happy with it coming out that far? i feel like i might regret it... Does it feel or look awkward?

    please and thank you

    billy B posted

  • Now you should cut the ring on the gray piece. This way you can make a quick loader of sorts. If done properly it would still hold the barrel in when closed, but allow you to switch out an empty barrel for a full one when open.

    Tom posted

  • I just did this mod on two of my Mavericks. Awesome mod. Billy B, you won't regret it.

    Mike posted

  • yeah... i mean. if you do mess it up, it is only like a $10 toy.

    but yeah, mine is still holding strong. it still rules.

    derek posted

  • good demonstration (best i've seen) can u demo how to take apart barrel and remove air restrictors if u know how

    A.J. posted