Nicole's Birthday

  • Playing video games at the cAb
  • Silverstrike
  • Drinks
  • Hanging out at the cab
  • Green
  • Fists and Whiskey
  • Pass out #1
  • Playing GT4
  • Holy Make Out
  • MH is a chipmunk
  • Can't quite hold the head up anymore...
  • @ the cAb
  • When I punch martinis down your throat the cAb gets blurry
  • Going in for the plunge.
  • Aaaaaaand, she's done
  • She may be passed out, but she still loves Kari's boobs 1 comment
  • Ah, so you're a classy girl huh?

More info in this blog: Joshie, Kevi, Nikki, and Zatch

Photos taken in Johnston, Iowa

Album added 14 years ago (May 15, 2005).