Office Bookcase

  • A bookcase I found online that I'd like to model
  • The wall with the window is where the bookcase will go (photo taken when the former residents liv...
  • The loft overlooking the living room/dining room.  The angled ceiling will be perfect for refleci...
  • Another design idea
  • Some Construction Notes
  • A quick/crooked mockup I made of the shelves I'd like to build
  • Another quick/crooked mockup with dwarf cabinets for more book space.
  • All trimmed out 2 comments
  • The Before Picture
  • Putting in the dimmable switch for the accent lighting
  • The power for the accent lights
  • The first set of cabinets 1 comment
  • My garage transformed into a wood shop
  • Lights off - dimmed accent lighting
  • Our first day's work
  • Moving the left power outlet
  • The "shop" after day 2
  • Book Shelves after day 2
  • Bookcase after day 3 4 comments
  • Clamps
  • Clamps
  • I finally started staining.  The one on the left is the original oak shelf.  The one on the right... 1 comment
  • Getting ready to spray the lacquer
  • Getting ready to spray the lacquer
  • Rico, the man behind my lacquer
  • The speaker terminals I installed in the shelf
  • The (mostly) finished bookshelf 3 comments
  • The (mostly) finished bookshelf (lights off)
  • Finally added 4 shelves to the cubbies.  So much nicer. 2 comments
  • This has been a good book case

Here are some photos related to the bookcase I'm building in my loft.

Photos taken from January, 2006 to April, 2016 in Ankeny, Iowa

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