Oktoberfest and Sushi

  • Gulden Draak with weird gel-like chunks in it, wtf? 2 comments
  • You gotta drink beer when you make beer.
  • Kari likes to dress fancy when we make beer
  • Chilling the Wort
  • At Oktoberfest
  • Band at Oktoberfest
  • Beer Wench Constest
  • Beer Wench Contest
  • At Oktoberfest
  • I am bad at self portraits
  • Todd and Reina 2 comments
  • Wet Beer Gut Contest
  • Footlongs are german at Principal Park
  • Teresa Found German Potatoes.  They were awesome.
  • At Oktoberfest
  • Teresa and Jeff
  • At Oktoberfest
  • Whiskey
  • A "shot" of whiskey
  • At Oktoberfest
  • Jeff on a table, ha
  • Dancing on a table. 1 comment
  • La - and a slab of salmon
  • Cutting off the blood line and skin.
  • A small slab of Tuna
  • Proper Way to Add Rice to Nori
  • Spreading Rice Onto Nori
  • Folding a California Roll
  • Folding a California Roll
  • Making Rolls
  • Making Rolls
  • Bill Vanzante!
  • Salmon
  • The Rolls Kari, Jeff, Teresa and I made, ha.
  • "I would take him to war with me"
  • Adding Rice Vinegar
  • Chuck Norris Rolls - Pre Tempura
  • Frying the Chuck Norris Roll
  • He spiraled that cucumber all the way to the seeds, then made a fancy roll out of it.
  • La making us dinner

Pics from the Des Moines Oktoberfest and Sushi class at Waterfront Deli.

More info in this blog: Des Moines Oktoberfest and Sushi Class

Photos taken in September, 2008 in Windsor Heights, Des Moines, and Ankeny, Iowa

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