Our Houses For Sale

  • The front of the house I remember most
  • The living room hasn't changed a bit.  Dad made the mantle, we put that carpet in, mom made those... 1 comment
  • The kitchen - still the exact same - except different wallpaper.
  • The deck my dad built
  • The Back Yard
  • The only new thing... There used to be a corral there for riding horses.
  • The front of the river house
  • The view from the river house
  • The entryway, staircase my dad built
  • The Living Room (or family room)?
  • The dining room
  • The kitchen
  • Kitchen and Dining Room
  • The Family Room (or living room)
  • Parents' Room
  • Parents' Bathroom
  • Bre'anna's Room
  • My old room. After I moved out it became yellow, antiqued, and sucky
  • The "Bonus" Room
  • The back of the house

Pics of the marketing photos from some of the houses I've grown up in...

Photos taken in Iowa and Illinois

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