Tech Deck Park

Tech Deck Park

Tech Deck Park (full size)


in Pioneer

This photo was taken in Johnston, Iowa with a Sony Clie NX-70.

It's also on Flickr.

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flickr comments

  • Sweet park.

    kawaiipotatoe posted

  • how cool!

    Anabella is united posted

  • awesome, is that your cube at work!?

    Tony and Mar posted

  • yeah, at my former job.

    broox posted

  • Oooh, hope it's not your former job cause you decided to convert your desk into a skatepark = )

    Tony and Mar posted

  • haha. no it's my former job because i worked in a cubicle.

    broox posted comments

  • to bad ya cant do anything on it

    Anonymous posted

  • Dude!!!! Thats an awsome set up. E-mail me some more pics!

    Dean posted

  • tight

    Anonymous posted

  • nice skate park u have a life

    bob posted

  • These tech deck skate parks are great. is this on your cube at work?

    Tech Deck posted

  • looks pretty sweet. its good how there's room for everything

    N8 posted

  • knulla knulla knulla

    sebastian posted

  • nice skate pack

    isreal posted

  • dude ur the man at tech decks !!!!!

    josh posted

  • i got better

    no posted