Pre-Holiday Brew

  • Grain in
  • Garage chillin
  • Trying out these new brew bags for the grainfathers
  • Hangin with Gemma
  • Bring out the cigars from the Domican
  • Enjoying a cuban
  • Cohiba Cuban
  • These brew bags are awesome
  • Spargin
  • Near boilover
  • Pulling out Norm's Private Stock
  • Old Depot Premium Beers, Adel, Iowa
  • Bout to open a 30 year old beer...
  • 30 year old beer. Fine. Not great... Not really good at all, actually.
  • Jeff just pulled out Norm's teeth...
  • Not really sure why he has those teeth. Teresa is grossed out, lol
  • Trying out another beer from the 90s Miller Clear... which wasn't really clear anymore. And also ...
  • Document this!
  • Family hangin
  • OJ in beer!
  • Keggin
  • Tasting her belgian white
  • Keggin

Brewin up some beer to enjoy at Thanksgiving and through the holidays.

Photos taken from October to November, 2021 in Nevada, Iowa

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