Rained Out Iowa Cubs Game

  • Gettin those lights charged up
  • Cruisin
  • Bloody beer
  • Pre-game, happy hour beer
  • Made it in time for happy hour!
  • Family stuffs
  • Forgot the bike lock keys at home. Had to run back. Saw this guy.
  • Craft Beer!
  • Watchin baseball!
  • Bikes gettin rained on
  • Big ol hotdog time
  • Waitin out the rain with dinner
  • Guess we'll just have another beer while we wait for this rain to stop
  • Ok, how about a whiskey...
  • Kari and Jeff
  • Kari and Jeff
  • Waitin for this rain to die down
  • Gettin re-situated underneath a bridge
  • This is so sketchy
  • Nothin like biking in a downpour
  • Cleanin off the glasses under the next bridge
  • Underneath the bridge
  • Selfie time
  • Made it home! Soaked!

Kari and I biked to the Iowa Cubs game to meet Kari's parents. It got rained out and we had to bike home in quite a storm.

Photos taken in September, 2021 in Des Moines, Iowa

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