Reclaimed crates

  • The old garage shelves
  • Doors ripped into 9.5" strips to use for the sides of the boxes
  • Cutting the sides to length
  • Sides cut to make a bunch of 12x12" and 12x18" boxes
  • Cross cutting the rest of the doors into 12" strips to use for the bottoms.
  • Box parts
  • First cuts made for my dados
  • Finishing up the dados (with my "zero clearance" tape insert to prevent scraps from falling down ...
  • Dados cut
  • Drilling handles
  • Handles cut out with the jigsaw
  • Assembly time
  • Glue n clamps
  • First box done
  • A few more boxes done
  • I used all of my scraps to make lids
  • The jig I made to speed up lid assembly
  • Lids!
  • Snug fit on the 12" boxes
  • 18" box
  • Wound up with 18 boxes. 9 of each size

Our garage had this giant, plywood shelving system that was just taking up room, getting in the way, and not really providing much value... So, I decided to take it apart, but instead of throwing away all the plywood, I thought it'd be fun to use it as stock to make some reclaimed storage crates. I'm not really sure what to fill them all with, but it was a fun little exercise in mass production... And a fun way to use nearly every tool in my shop.

Photos taken from June to July, 2018 in Des Moines and West Des Moines, Iowa

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