School Dances

  • This photo is embarrassing for everyone involved (including me).  I wonder who will be the first ... 1 comment
  • This was a wingman date to Moline Homecoming.  I don't even remember the girl's name.
  • Kelly and I at Homecoming 4 comments
  • Senior Homecoming with Brandi Goodroad from Bettendorf 1 comment
  • Riverbend Pizza Homecoming 1 comment
  • Krissy and I at a Sadie Hawkins Dance
  • Krissy and I at Prom
  • Krissy and I at Homecoming
  • Krissy and I at Prom

Some random homecomings, etc.

Photos taken in Port Byron, Moline, and Rock Island, Illinois

Album added 22 years ago (Jun 1, 1999).