Sidekick MySpace App Tour

  • the login screen
  • Ah, my MySpace home page
  • Some of my friends
  • My MySpace Mail
  • For when you're out... and want to find a friend.
  • My buddy, Harper's profile - I'm not in his top 8.  wtf dude.
  • Menu to go back home... and elsewhere
  • Browsing through my photo thumbnails
  • Nice hover avatars on the mail
  • That little myspace icon on the top means i have messages!
  • The splash screen - yes, that is booby graffiti
  • Looking at my comments, CHIEF

Here's a mini tour of screenshots through the myspace application for the sidekick 3. There are probably 1000 of these online already, but I just got it tonight and wanted to play.

It's a pretty nice little app, and actually makes using MySpace on your sidekick possible. However, I don't think that it's worth $2 a month. Maybe for some people it is... what the hell, I'll probably end up paying for it.

But it still confuses me why I'm paying for "unlimited data." There's apparently a limit when it comes to MySpace and Weather data.

Photos taken in October, 2007 in Ankeny, Iowa

Album added 13 years ago (Oct 18, 2007).