STL - Wash U Demo

  • Kevi, Chris, Oliver, Kevin, and Me
  • Oliver bustin a Royale in Olathe
  • Soap Shoes: Sigma Nu Grind Away Aids
  • Oliver bustin a Royale at the Saint Louis Capitol
  • Oliver Falling
  • Nate, Oliver, Chris, and Aaron
  • Zach drinking A1
  • Jordan drinking Ketchup 2 comments
  • Jordan and the freakiest gay guy ever
  • Zach and Jordan doing Ice Shots at the Sig Nu House
  • Zach about to give me an ice shot
  • Me taking an Ice Shot from Zach
  • Justin and Luke squeezing their chins to make them go numb
  • Alexei squeezing his chin
  • Aaron and I
  • Zach and Nate
  • Oliver and a chick takin Ice shots
  • Luke, Jordan, Zach, and girls
  • Chris and Oliver outside the Arch
  • Aaron at the demo 2 comments
  • Derek at the demo
  • Chris bustin out on a kink
  • Energizer Hot Air Balloon
  • United Van Lines Hot Air Balloon
  • Hot Air Balloons

More info in this blog: St Louis Demo

Photos taken in St. Louis, Missouri

Album added 15 years ago (Sep 21, 2003).