STL - Xtreme Nation Demos

  • Jordan Muck on the TV stand 2 comments
  • Aaron and Jordan's bruises
  • Zach and I's hand prints
  • Aaron Taraboletti
  • Zach and Jordan at Xtreme Nation
  • Zach on the practice rail
  • Zach on the practice rail
  • Aaron grinding with Heelys
  • Alexei, Zach, and Alexei's boyfriend, haha
  • Me signing my deck for Aaron....
  • Aaron and I
  • Zach and Jordan
  • Me, Aaron, and Jordan
  • Jordan and the rabbit at Wash U
  • Aaron grinding a rail at Wash U 1 comment
  • Aaron Fall
  • Yeah, we're that famous

More info in this blog: Xtreme Nation Demos

Photos taken in Stevens and Jacobs, Missouri

Album added 15 years ago (May 16, 2004).