Sidekick 3 vs Sidekick Slide

Sidekick 3 vs Sidekick Slide

Sidekick 3 vs Sidekick Slide (full size)


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This photo was taken in Ankeny, Iowa with a Sony DSC-F717.

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  • the 3 is better than the slide but the slide has better graphics

    al posted

  • i go for the sidekick slide

    yoyo posted

  • the slide looks good i lyk the material its the best it looks all shiny and feels soft.

    Anonymous posted

  • dis is anonymous again and im jus here cause i hav no life and neither do u muhahahha. u guys suck and heyy notorious is out now playing in all theaters dis friday 1-16-2009 hope yall all enjoy it.

    Anonymous posted

  • Nothing

    faiza posted

  • i have a sidekick slide and a sidekick lx. i just change the sim and the memory stick. i have to go with the slide

    frank posted

  • slide is way better not only how it looks but the speakers rock and the screen is better

    lola posted

  • Nothing

    mahalia joseph posted

  • i have the lx and the slide. i can switch any time i want, but i have to go with my slide. im not sure which one is older. but, i still like the lx. anyway yea ima go with the slide, even tho i used to have the 3.

    brian posted

  • everybody said slide so go with the slide

    Anonymous posted

  • i love the colour and i want that phone hopefully ill get iot this summer..............

    audea posted


    asd posted

  • r u all on fucken extacy? ppl want to know about features not cuz other ppl say so.

    anyways the camera and most of the features are pretty much the same. exept the slide has a better screen. but the 3 has an advantage cuz of its flash and larger keyboard

    kyle is cool posted

  • sidecick

    noneed4names posted

  • I like the slide its so much better than the lx

    dayvon posted

  • Sidekick 3 because

    1. Seems easier to find(if u lose stuff easily)

    2.Why would thye make a sidekick slide?;;;; hmm it s SK it fliops thats why they call it that, && not slide!

    taylor posted

  • the sidekick 3 is much better ive watched lots of reviews trust me it is

    Damion posted