T-Mobile Sidekick 3 vs Sidekick 2

T-Mobile Sidekick 3 vs Sidekick 2

T-Mobile Sidekick 3 vs Sidekick 2 (full size)


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This photo was taken in Ankeny, Iowa.

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  • they both r rly rly cool!!! i WISH i had 1!!

    CDF posted


    Carly posted

  • i got them both i think u should stick with the sk2 the sk3 is nice to show off but it has bad camera and the blue tooth isn't even 2.0! anywayz i like the sk2 built better but the sk3 is really cool

    rich posted

  • Dude. The sk2's camera is practically unusable. I've found that the sk3's cam actually does a decent job. I mean... I still carry around my real cam, but I use the phone cam quite a bit.

    Plus... the sk2 doesn't even have bluetooth at all.

    derek posted

  • hey thanks derek.

    i was thinking about getting the sk3 and than i was thinking about getting the sk2 because i have heard not much different.

    i have been looking around and i found a sk3 for $199.00 and i need the bluetooth

    thanks for the info.

    i'm going to get the sk3

    DAVEDAVE posted

  • LOVE THE SIDEKICK 3!!! Way better than the 2, it looks a whole lot slicker!! two thumbs way up..... wish the price wasn't so bad though..

    Lowla posted

  • i love sidckicks

    sophia posted

  • here's a link to my review of the sidekick 3: derek.broox.com/sidekick-3d/

    derek posted


    BUT./...I WANT AS SK3

    TARA posted

  • hehehe im gettin a sidekick for only 40 bucks :p

    jason posted

  • o its a sidekick 3 too :)

    jason posted

  • is sk2 , the best ?

    or' is sk3 , the best ?

    i like , if the carma , is good .

    what of the phone's should i bey ?

    sophie posted

  • i got the sk3 and the camera works fine

    its when i had the sk2 the camera didnt work too well

    but i definately think the sk3 is the best so far

    lauren posted

  • thanks for the answer .

    how much pixel is the camera , in sk3 ?

    i'm sorry that im not so good at english . i hope you understand. (:

    sophie posted

  • I had

    both but

    I dont see

    any diffrence

    there both GREAT

    phones but the sk3

    has more technology.


    Hannah posted

  • sk2 iz hekka easier to type on

    but sk3 lookz alot betterr

    daniella posted

  • (:

    sophie posted

  • well i ve never seen da 2 but it look like the 3 is better

    Ronald posted

  • O.M.G thE SiiDEKiiCk 3 iiS S000O AWS0mE ii CANT WAiiT tiiLL MYNeSZ COME'SZ BUT THE 2 iiS AiiGHT,i qGU3SS

    NELLiE posted

  • they suck!!!...2 cheap they brake easily!!

    marco posted

  • hey =]

    i was wondering does a S3 have good bluetooth and can it have a memory card and have mp3 songs?

    wbb anyone please x x

    Steph =] posted

  • the bluetooth is pretty good for my use. i only use it for a wireless jabra headset and it works just fine.

    and yes, it takes a miniSD memory card that you can put mp3s onto.

    derek posted

  • what is the price for this phone? and I want this phone for a gift

    Margie Manley

    Margie N Manley posted


    patty posted

  • the price for the sk3 is either 299 or 399 depends if u get it with a plan

    bdes posted

  • Hey guys..I have the sidekick 3 and its amazing..sidekick 2's not that good..but everybody should sell their sidekicks and get sidekick lx =)..I have the lx to and its amazing

    tots posted

  • sk3 iz way betta den da sk2 (:

    aaaaa posted

  • what are you talkinīabout i have sidekick 2 and i think itīs a few ways betta dan da sk3 my sk3 is broken because i droped it 1 time

    it isnīt so good sidekick2 forever

    sunny posted

  • ok i am gettin my sidekick 3 shipped and its pretty old but from these comments it seems like its good i have the gravity by samsung i dont know which ones better

    Anonymous posted

  • i have the sidekick lx and i like it its simple and fun to use :) i want the android 4g sidekick now :)

    emma posted