Thanksgiving 2017

  • Startin with the old school apps
  • The ol Braunschweiger Ball 2 comments
  • It's like we're not about to eat a giant meal
  • Kari and her appetizers, haha
  • Relaxin with a fire rollin
  • Elizabeth had a rad dress on
  • Jaxon terrorizing Ian
  • Ridin the scooters
  • Elizabeth decides to try the scooter with heels and a dress on
  • Pre-dinner scooter races
  • Sherry and Mom cookin up some foods
  • Elias gettin down on some games
  • Ian measuring the temperature of everything 1 comment
  • Ham time
  • Turkey fryin
  • Rod pulls the Turkey
  • Rod n Jon tend to the turkey
  • Mama Teresa helpin out with the turkey carving
  • Learnin some things from Manuel's mom
  • Ready to eat
  • Dishin up some food
  • Thanksgiving toast
  • Thanksgiving toast
  • Here we go 8 comments
  • The crew for our first Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving table cloth
  • Elias gettin down on some nintendo
  • Thanksgiving crew
  • Jeff thought I was taking his photo when I was reviewing the previous photos... so I just started...
  • Jeff
  • More Jeff
  • And one more pose
  • Post dinner cigars
  • Thankful to have family from Venezuela. This is the best rum I have ever had.
1 comment
  • Kari's fam is pretty good at making pies... I shoulda grabbed a pic before we dug in
  • Kickin off some intense foosball
  • Foosballin
  • Jaxon had a great time eating foosballs and everything else he could get his mouth on
  • A very awkward photo
  • I won the first 2 games. He came back to win the best of 5.

Kari and I hosted our first Thanksgiving this year. Here are some photos from the weekend.

Photos taken in November, 2017 in Des Moines, Iowa

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