The Basement Shop

  • The basement workshop before we bought the place
  • The basement workshop will be cleaned up a bit... but will likely remain a workshop.
  • Took out the basement shop cabinets, found this. Cool.
  • Cleaned out and ready for some foundation repair
  • Fun times with foundation repair
  • Plates
  • Busted up concrete floor.
  • Takin concrete out the side of the house
  • There's 5+ guys goin to town on this foundation now
  • Braced wall
  • Got this sump pump now
  • Braced basement wall
  • Sump
  • Vapor barrier up
  • Oops
  • Framin
  • Framin in this shop
  • Wirin and insulatin this here shop
  • How to hang cabinets by yourself
  • Hangin these cabinets
  • Sunday fun day
  • Making some progress on the basement shop 7 comments
  • Got some air filtration!
  • Finished framing and insulating the shop
  • More peg board
  • Big tools on wheels
  • Cabinets, miter station, standing bench, pegboard
  • Cabinets, benchtops, and pegboard

Documenting the progress of repairing and rebuilding the shop in my basement.

Photos taken from October, 2015 to April, 2017 in Des Moines, Iowa

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