The Bubble at Beed's Lake

  • Gettin in one more weekend of tent camping
  • Weenies
  • Weenie roastin
  • Jeff always has a bottle of whiskey and cigars on hand
  • Bullshittin around the fire
  • Sittin around the fire
  • Fryin up some eggs
  • Brekkie
  • This girl loves her some bloody marys
  • Hikin around Beed's Lake
  • Hikin around the lake
  • Groupie
  • Teresa flipped her chair
  • Totally Naked Selfie
  • Caught takin a totally naked selfie
  • Gema likes that inner thigh scratched
  • Campin night caps
  • Sleepin pup

Another weekend of camping with Kari's fam

Photos taken in September, 2020 in Hampton, Iowa

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