The Chicago Blackhawks Sprint

  • A Blackhawks game before noon? Kari suggests we start with a rink-side bloody mary
  • Here we go! 2 comments
  • The United Center
  • Not winning. Still awesome. 2 comments
  • There's always Bangers and Lace 1 comment
  • Marina towers and a very cold Chicago river from our hotel room 1 comment
  • Havin tacos with these ladies. Celebrating Drea's new gig. 1 comment
  • We found ourselves high and dry with nothin to do after dinner, so ... cocktail at the Lone Wolf?
  • And then, Kari suggested we go to the Rainbo Club for the photo booth, where we were greeted by a...
  • Rainbo Club
  • Division Street
  • Photobooth stuff
  • Another couple tacos at Big Star
  • A cold, desolate Wicker Park alleyway
  • Look at this Dodge Raider
  • Waitin for that Uber
  • Shoppin in the snow
  • A bulgogi sushi burrito. Weird and probably too big, but very tasty.

Kari bought me (well, us) tickets for another Blackhawks game this year. We'd originally planned on staying the whole weekend in Chicago, but Unfortunately, due to weird holiday season schedules, work schedules, and a last minute game-time change, we had to do a 1-nighter in the city. On top of that, the Blackhawks got shut out by Detroit. It was still a lot of fun tho. We crammed in some shopping, visiting friends, and running around our old hood.

Photos taken in January, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois

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