The driveway

  • This was taken at peak of my frustration... and about the time I decided to just replace the whol...
  • Puddling on the side of the driveway
  • The before photo. The driveway was super narrow, really buckled, and didn't flow well to the fron...
  • The sidewalk to the front door was pretty awkward and not very inviting
  • Different generations of concrete, textures, and rusts on the entryway sidewalk
  • An idea for a more invited path to the front door
  • Idea for a matching curve to get to the side yard
  • The plan!
  • My buddy Dalton's crew arrives
  • Knockin out that old sidewalk
  • Jackhammering that driveway
  • I was surprised to find a full height, hidden room/cavity under my stoop
  • The stoop hole
  • Ready to pour that stoop
  • Driveway: out
  • Forms set for the main driveway
  • Forms set with the new design
  • Forms set with the new path to the front door
  • Ready for concrete
  • Pourin that concrete
  • Main slab poured
  • Main slab poured
  • Approach poured
  • Cuttin those breakpoints
  • New driveway!

Photos from replacing and expanding our old, buckled driveway

Photos taken from February to July, 2018 in Des Moines, Iowa

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