The Mpls Detour

  • Where we almost flipped.  We ended up on the left side up there.  And there were a lot more skid ...
  • I'm pretty sure this dude was driving his lawn mower down the highway to the gas station.
  • Looking out our Westin Hotel window
  • Priming in our hotel room, heh.
  • Priming in the Hotel Room
  • At Nami, Mpls
  • At Nami, Mpls 3 comments
  • Birthday Mochi
  • Exit Exit
  • Some weird shot
  • Trying to Bargain
  • At Drink, Mpls
  • At Drink, Mpls
  • Dancing at Drink
  • Elephant Lights
  • Chuck dancing with some amazing wig chick
  • Your name is my name too
  • Dancing at Drink
  • Some crazy wig chicks
  • Tom and I at Gluek's
  • What if I grew another head, and his name was violent - nathan.
  • Leslie and Nathan
  • At Gluek's 1 comment
  • Me and Leslie
  • Giant Cheers
  • Partying - Nicole did it big this weekend.
  • Tom needs to drink more of his beer before he dances so hard 1 comment
  • Nicole and Nathan
  • Those lights are almost perfect
  • Tom and Tobbie
  • Tobbie had a thing for picking Kari up
  • Some awesome outfits
  • It's Soft 2 comments

Since Josh and Jolene had a Friday wedding, a bunch of us who traveled decided to spend Saturday night in Minneapolis.

Photos taken in Minneapolis, Franklin, and Plato, Minnesota

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