Union Grove Park Camping

  • All setup!
  • Rural Iowa camping stuff
  • Cookin up some taters
  • Dinner
  • Dinnertime
  • Spoiled campin dogs
  • Tent camping with Garth Brooks
  • Old boy gettin the smells
  • Lazy day in the tent
  • Watchin the Iowa game
  • Bloody Mary time
  • Bloodies and Iowa football
  • Takin dumps
  • Goin for a little hike around the lake
  • Jemma likes the pond
  • A rotting skull
  • Burgers!
  • Grillin up some burgers in the rain
  • Gettin cozy in the camper
  • Cigars n whiskey
  • I do not recommend microwaved s'mores.
  • BLT lunch
  • BLTs before we pack up

A few photos from a camping trip at Union Grove State Park with Kari's parents

Photos taken in September, 2019 in Spring Creek Township, Iowa

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