Vance Mural

  • The before photo
  • Vance was not messing around. I barely had the cameras ready by the time he started freehand sket...
  • Here's the mockup based on a conversation we had. We wanted a big, abstract, portal-like structur...
  • Acrylics
  • Vance switched off between acrylics, charcoal, markers, and spray cans.
  • Sprayin in them blues
  • Gettin bigger and brighter
  • This is happening in my house right now. 2 comments
  • Sprayin some orange through the other orange
  • This was just a few hours in... Time for a lunch break 9 comments
  • Brushes n cans
  • Layin down some details with the brush
  • Thickening up some lines with some markers
  • Progress after the first day
  • Kicking off day 2
  • Goin bigger and brighter
  • Finished 3 comments
  • Got my wall signed by Vance

We had this big open stairwell in our house that was just begging for a giant piece of art... so, we commissioned Des Moines artist Chris Vance to paint us a mural. Here are a few photos of it.

Photos taken from August to October, 2017 in Des Moines, Iowa

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